RICK STASI Artist, Author, Performer

Rick Stasi is an artist/writer/creative producer with credits at DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Charlton Comics, NOW Comics (Twilight Zone), Eclispe, Disney, Warner Bros. (Looney Tunes & Tiny Toons for Steve Spielberg) and LucasFilms/STAR WARS.

Rick has taught comics, sequential art and storyboarding courses for more than twenty years, as an instructor with the Shawnee Mission School District, The Westport School of Art and The Kansas City Art Institute. He currently gives individual instruction and career counseling. This is all his side gig, as he's an accomlished corporate creative director, graphic designer, and marketer.

An author of two books, Rick performs his spoken word selections at live events and on KKFI, 90.1FM Kansas City community radio. He is also accomplished voice talent know most notably for the narration of "Wounded Warriors" a b2b Veteran's film focusing on mental health. Online: RickStasi.com YouTube: Rick Stasi, Ninth Street Theatre.

His literary endeavors include:

FIRST BOOK: Funny You Should Ask, Musings and Verse for Better Or...Poetry, essys, lyrics AUDIO COLLECTION: Talking To Myself (To You!) A 60-plus track double album FINAL BOOK: Letters From The Exodus The Definitive Anthology of Poetry, Musings, Songs and Scripts.

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